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Teas & Tisanes

Below is a list of our loose leaf teas by category.  This list is perfect for selecting flavors to sip while taking tea at the Cottage as well as keeping track of the different varieties you have tried and your favorites!

Types Of  Tea

Our Tea Selection

Flavored  Black

​17 Coconut Thai
Creamy coconut blended with Asian spice, the ultimate tea!
Almond Biscotti
Almonds, vanilla, caramel and cinnamon (not dairy free)
Almond Spice
Sweet almond and delicate spices mingle in this cozy tea.
Stirs memories of sweet ripe apricots with an amazing aroma.
Apple Crisp
Apples, vanilla, cinnamon, spices, toasted oats.
Blend 206
Lapsang Souchong tempered with Earl Grey, fondly dubbed Grandpa’s pipe.
Blue Shadow
South American lulo with a touch of strawberry.
Blue Sky
Blueberry, vanilla and caramel.
Blueberry Amaretto
Fruity, nutty goodness.
Blueberry Pomegranate
Lovely combination of tart and sweet.
Brambleberry Rain
Chunks of brambleberries make this a juicy tea.
Brown Sugar Bread Pudding
Smoothly spiced and sweet.
Bodacious Black Currant
Strong Currant flavor.
*Buckingham Palace Garden Party
Will leave you feeling as if you had just sipped tea with Her Majesty the Queen!
Campfire Chai
Smokey and spicy.
A sweet, mellow and velvety taste.
Caramel apple
A favorite fall flavor profile.
Caribbean Fruit
A little spice mixed with tropical fruit.
Carrot Cake
Amazing, dessert in a cup!
Cinnamon Bear
Nicely spicley!

Cinnamon Fig
Organic black tea with cinnamon bark and essence of fig.
Cinnamon Hazelnut Shortbread
The spice in this cup is complimented with a bakey character.
Chocolate Caramel Chai
Spicy yet smooth.
Chocolate Macaroon
Coconut, chocolate and sugar crystals.
Chocolate Rose Mint
A delightful blend of roses and mint with bits of chocolate in a fine black tea.
Dark Chocolate Peppermint
Chocolate pieces, peppermint and crushed candycane.
Wonderful with milk and sugar.
English Cattleman’s Blend
Caramel and pecan specially blended for a local Cattleman!
Ginger Peach
One of our most popular house blends of crystallized ginger and fresh peach flavor.
Ginger Jasmine Peach
A Brambleberry favorite.
Glorious Midnight
Assam and blueberry juxtaposed with chamomile.
Honey Pear
Sweet juicy pear flavor with honey crystals.
A lovely palette cleanser. Lemon essence with white chocolate pieces.
Jaipur Chai
Medley of black teas with spices, ginger, jasmine, rose, lavender,
Lemon Spice
Fresh, spicy
Liquid Calico
Orange and Chocolate with a touch of almond.
A tropical trip in a sip.
Maple Crème Brulee
Maple and Vanilla notes sweetened with sugar crystals.
Masala Chai
A mélange of Assam, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom pods and cloves.
Market Spice
Incredibly spicy, orange character that tends sweet.
Imagine a bowl of fresh summertime peaches with a dollop of cream.
Passion Fruit
Rose hips mingled with passion fruit flower.
Pumpkin Spice
Just like the name implies, or make it a LaTea with coffee!
Rhubarb Cream
Wonderful rhubarb notes with a smooth finish.
Delicious floral notes reminiscent of a Tea Rose garden.
Royal Irish
Irish Breakfast with a touch of vanilla.
Satinder’s Spiced Plum
Created for one of the sweetest girls we know on her special day!
Spicy Maya
Chocolate and cayenne pepper, oh my!
Strawberry Shortcake
Sweet, juicy strawberry flavor with a creamy finish.
Strawberry Champaign
Something to celebrate about!
Summer Companion
Loaded with the flavors of strawberries, juniper berries, red and black currants and blackberry leaves
Vanilla Huckleberry
Smooth vanilla finished with the Northwest’s most desired berry.
White Chocolate Cranberry Cream
Tart cranberry flavor with a creamy smooth finish.
Winter Solstice
Assam, mint, vanilla, cinnamon and pink peppercorns.
Zoey Raine
Rose and strawberry finished with a touch of hibiscus. Named for the little visitor who

envisioned this lovely blend.
A limited edition tea juicy and fresh!

Earl Grey Blends

Autumn Grey
Pumpkin and spice with oil of bergamot and a touch of vanilla.
Chocolate Grey
The name speaks for itself, two wonderful flavors meet!
Classic Earl Grey
An unbelievable aroma that portends and unbelievable taste.
Cream Earl Grey
Our flavorful Earl Grey with a smooth creamy finish.
Emerald Green
A refreshing green Earl Grey.
Princess Grey
Lavender and rose petals crown this blend of Earl Grey.
Spiced Earl Grey
A spicy finish to this classic tea.
Spring Grey
Pink grapefruit with oil of bergamot.
Summer Grey
Our house blend of strawberries mingled with oil of
Winter Grey
Cassis and oil of bergamot.

Esates, Oolongs & Blends

Strong and malty, this Indian tea is especially good with milk and sugar.
Autumn Crescendo
The grand finale harvest of Darjeeling done in  early November.
The Champaign of teas, each leaf is hand selected and the cup is faintly muscatel.
Darjeeling Green
Makabaibari Estate
English Breakfast
Actually invented in Edinburgh Scotland, this tea is full bodied and robust.
Formosa Oolong
Smooth and slightly sweet, toasty with a touch of dryness.
Golden Sunrise
Direct from the Glenburn Estate, this bold tea is sure to start any morning off on the right foot!

Irish Breakfast
Malty and bold.
This Chinese tea ​has a fruity/malty taste with a lingering toasty note.
Kenya Black
Kenya tea has won international acclaim for it’s taste and aroma. (Kenya)
Lapsang Souchong
A distinct smoky flavor as the leaves are smoke dried over pinewood fires. (China)
Milk Oolong
Smooth floral tea enhanced with the flavor of milk.  Excellent!
Northwest Breakfast
Full bodied signature blend from the Pacific Northwest
Nilgiri Green Smile
Conoor Estate

Queen’s Blend
A classic tea named in honor of Queen Victoria who was a notorious tea fanatic. (India)
Scottish Breakfast
Malty, full bodied character with bright flavoury notes and hints of cask oakiness.  

A bracing Highlanders cup of tea.
Shui Hsein
This Oolong imparts a slight roast with a sweet finish.
Scarlet Sun
Strawberry and Goji berries mingle in this delightful Oolong.
The Average Blend
Contrary to it’s name, this is NOT your average blend.

Classic blend of fine teas finished with a smoky note. 


Light, golden yellow liquor with a unique toasty rice flavor tending sweet.
Japanese Sencha
Tending light liquoring and smooth with reasonable depth and body.
Finely ground powdered green tea.

Pan-fired Green
Roasted in an iron pan, neutralizing the grassiness of the tea.

Flavored Green

Surprising body and floral character accentuated by May Jasmine flowers.
Pecan Pastry
Nutty pecans create a full bodied flavor in this interesting green tea.

Praha Casis
The tangy flavor of ripe black currants make this a refreshing tea.
Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival
A blend of Sencha tea with cherry notes and rose petals.

Sweet Pomegranate Green
Sencha tea combined with the sweet flavor of pomegranate.
Long Island Strawberry
Fresh flavors of strawberries mingle with tart green tea.


Almond Pear Chai
A beautiful tea with delicate spices and chunks of fruit and pistachios.
Island Dreamer
Tropical white sunshine in a cup.
Strawberry Rhubarb
Beautifully pink in the cup, this white tea is packed with flavor.

Vintage Violet
Elderberries, violets and blackberry leaf.

Decaffeinated  Black

Earl Grey
A full flavorful cup tending bright, excellent Earl Grey notes from natural oil of bergamot.
English  Breakfast
Classic breakfast blend without the caffeine.

Irish Breakfast
Decaffeinated in the green tea stage and then processed normally, a malty taste.
Market Spice
The well loved taste of this spicy, orange tea without the caffeine.

Princess Grey
Lavender and rose petals crown this blend of  decaf Earl Grey.

Decaffeinated Green


Hard to come by with all the flavor of regular Sencha.


Fruit  Blends

Blood Orange
Sweet and tart with a beautiful color in the cup.

Cranberry Fruit
A rich ruby infusion full of plump, luscious cranberries, apples, rosehips and hibiscus.
Cottage Raspberry
Lovely raspberry flavor with apple and hibiscus.

Pina Colada
A tropical sensational fruit blend.
Sweet Cherry Splash
Sweet and refreshing, hot or iced.

Herbal  Tisanes

Evening in Missoula
Mint and chamomile combine to create a relaxing, soothing cup.
This edible flower is known to benefit weight loss and high blood pressure.
Mocha Almondine
Sweet almond finished with a unique combination of herbs creating a “mocha flavor”.

Mocha Rum Royale
Smooth Rum infused in this unique combination of herbs that create a “mocha flavor”.
Rose Mint
Classic Tea Rose flavor paired with soothing mint.
A classic favorite for digestion.

Roasted Yerba Mate
Smooth, clean roasted flavor.
Sweet Reverie
Chamomile, lemon, honey, ginger and rose petals.
Strawberry Lemonade
A delightful blend of strawberries, lemons, hibiscus and herbs that turns a beautiful pink in the cup.


Boo Boo Blue Razzle
Nathan’s blend of Blueberry and Raspberry, sure to  comfort whenever needed.
Bourbon Street Vanilla
House blend of rooibos, vanilla and almonds.
Cherry Almond Bush
Cherry and sweet almond flavors mingle in this rooibos tea.
Hawaiian Colada
Pineapple and coconut pieces give that sweet colada finish with hints of rum.

Market Spice
The well loved taste of this spicy tea in a rooibos blend.
Orange Rum Cake
Rooibos with Oranges and a touch of rum and vanilla.
Rose hips, lavender and black currant.
Raspberry Bush
Fresh raspberries in the bush.

Roasted Almond Chai
Warm notes of almond and spice with earthy rooibos.
Lemon Chiffon
Lemon and white chocolate (not dairy free)
Coffee Beans, chrysanthemum blossoms and caramel.
Vanilla Bush
Creamy vanilla with red bush tea


Need a little something to chase the blues away? This blend is sure to do the trick.  Not only is it a healthy immune booster blended with peony white tea, blueberry, elderberry and butterfly blue pea flower, it will also turn your blues to a rosy hue...just add a little fresh lemon!

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